Healing therapies


Please note: Due to COVID-19 I am not offering massage appointments. Stay tuned for more information.

Body work of any kind works in perfect combination with our yoga practice and is known to bring countless benefits to the body, mind and spirit. Regular manual therapy helps to unwind tension and years of accumulated stress that we have stored deep within the tissues of our bodies.

The treatments that I offer are a combination of two schools of massage that I have had the privilege to receive and learn: gentle and rhythmic Ayurvedic oil massage, and strong, therapeutic Thai massage. Through years of experience, I have blended the two traditions together to create a rhythmic and relaxing technique that works to ease an over worked body or over burdened mind. It is a full body treatment that follows the body’s major energy lines, bringing healing and rejuvenation from the tips of your toes to the top of your head.

The treatment is done on a mat on the floor and clients are asked to wear underwear or tight fitting shorts. The massage is done with natural almond oil, so if you have an allergy please advise me so that an alternate oil can be used.

A full body treatment (90 minutes) costs €90.
60 minute treatments are available and cost €70.

Ayurvedic consultations

Ayurveda is an ancient system of healing that has its roots in India. It is translated to mean “the science of life” and is largely based on the system of five elements: earth, water, fire, air and ether. It is a system that works by harmonizing ourselves with the elements and the rhythms of nature, and sees each person as a whole instead of a sum of parts.

In the western world, we have become so focused on industrialization and the advancement of technology that we have lost touch with the inner rhythms of the body and how to be in tune with nature. Even a basic understanding of Ayurveda can give us essential tools to help us come back into balance and well-being by understanding our own unique needs.

During an Ayurvedic consultation together we will determine your individual constitution. We discuss daily rituals, lifestyle habits and food choices that can help you to live at your best.

Consultations are approximately 90 minutes and cost €50.

Rehabilitative movement

Private or therapeutic yoga sessions offer a personalized experience to clients. In this setting, we can work towards the clients authentic needs: whether rehabilitative, technical, motivational or spiritual.

Rehabilitative movement

With a great passion for anatomy and understanding how the body works, I hope to bring clients increased mobility, strength and body awareness so that they can live their lives with a little bit more ease.

Sessions are booked by appointment.


  • Individual session (one hour): €60
  • 5 sessions: €250
  • 10 sessions: €400

Past life healing therapy

The practice of yoga is not only about the physical body, it also includes healing our emotions and our psychological state. As we work through the yoga asanas (postures) we might soon realize that the limitations we experience are not only physical in nature; that we also have mental and emotional blocks that are stopping us from living to our fullest potential. Some examples of these emotional blocks might be fear, past traumas, unresolved relationship issues or difficult childhood experiences.

Past life healing therapy is a technique that combines traditional western psychology with eastern spirituality/mysticism. This means that in the session we look at the whole being- what is happening in a practical, scientific and psychological way but also what is going on in the spirit. Together we work to find the origins of the ailments and understand the subconscious patterns that have such a deep impact on an emotional, physical, spiritual and psychological level.

Through a guided relaxation and visualization, clients are led into a state of ‘trance’ where they are able to access memories and images that have been long forgotten. Unlike hypnosis, the client is present and aware through the entire experience and experiences everything for themselves. All that is required from the client is trust, honesty and a willingness to take responsibility for their lives.

The sessions vary in length but are usually about three hours.
The cost per session is €150

Would you like to know more about the healing therapies?

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